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one of my friend told me that my blog sangt bosan.yeah.so im updating it.one of my friend ckp blog is like ur diary so anything u can put into it.so i was thinking to update it la.i know my blog nih dilahirkan pada 3 tahun lepas and d post only 4!!waatefuk.so still dlam fasa belajaq buat blog la kan.haha.biarlah.at least i try kan.
nak story ape pun xtau kan.ok lah.so kite sembang camne saya menghabiskan vaucer satu malaysia.hahaha.ape kejadahnyew dengan topik ni la kan.

there are 3 books that i bought using this voucher.there are(ayat skema):

1.how to make anyone fall in love with you
kenape aku beli buku ni kan.ntah la.mybe sebab aku ni loser kot dlm bercinta.tpi mmg pun.but act buku ni also motivate me not only in love but also in life.kire lebih kurang how to make anyone to be happy with you gak la..nmpak mcm jiwang.tpi act buku ni bgus.lgipun this is how i menghabiskan voucher.hahaha.

2.100 ways to motivate yourself
and reason apsal aku beli buku ni sebab die ade diskaun 20 percent.haha.beli je la.and mcm best jek.(tpi still xbaca buku nih.haha)

3.letter for sam
okeh.buku ni memang best.and xmenyesal gile baba beli buku nih.ive read it for 2 times and it really inspired me to go on in my life.its repeatedly written that life is short.explore everything before it too late.citer ni psal tok wan die nih sakit,ade anak perempuan yng juga sakit.anak die ni kawin and later dpat anak yng sakit.mcm mane keluarga diorang suffer sakit tu dengan kepayahan yng xde duit..its a real story kot act.nak tau ngan lebih lanjut.baca la sendiri.xmenyesal.and harga dia rm30(kot)haha..

ni review yng aku dpt dari dari blog dia.

Dear readers and listeners,

Since my appearances on fresh air and CNN, and since people have been attending my readings and buying the book, I have received over 300 e-mails! Many of my friends (psychologists, of course) ask me how I feel about everything that is happening. I have yet to find a word that begins to come close. Surreal, overwhelming, gratifying, over stimulating, joyous, and exhausting all come close, but don't quite get it. And then I had lunch today with a dear friend who taught me meditation (Michael Baim, who I referred to in my acknowledgments). The restaurant was nearly empty and I had time to rest and reflect. The words I used with him were humble, grateful, deeply spiritual, and most of all -- I feel awe.

The word journey is used way too much in pop psychology and pop spirituality, but it does feel that the journey of my life has brought me to this point. Where to from here? Stay tuned!

I will look forward to hearing from you and you will certainly hear from me also.

With deep gratitude

p/s:5 attempt.haha...better kan?setngah jam kot nak buat menantang ni..and thnks for reading!
*nak kemas bilik!!!


dear yayah Says:
February 21, 2012 at 3:45 PM

bagusnye beli buku2 motivasi.. abeskan voucher beli novel ngan alat tulis je.. hm =.='

IQ = Iez Qis Says:
February 22, 2012 at 5:36 AM

pelik la aku tawu x....baru 4 post da 29 org fllower, giler kentang ko aizat~ haha!

nice try...aku tahu ko maksudkan siapa...haha!

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