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happy birthday to me!!

for my 23rd birthday...this what she did for me...

but now...

we've been apart...
i will always perish our moment together...
i always pray for your success in life 

dear Mimie Mafti..
i don't know whether your know im posting this or not..but we had made decision to be apart.. Insyaallah we still be together.brace yourself.i will keep my promise.one day to get you back as my wife.

for you~~~

I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough
'cause here we are back where we were before
seems nothing ever changes
we're back to being strangers
wondering if we ought to stay or head on out the door

Just once
can't we figure out what we keep doing wrong
why we never last for very long
what are we doing wrong.
just once
can't we find a way to finally make it right
to make the magic last for more than just one night
if we could just get to it
I know we could break through it.
Ohh ohhh

I gave my heart
but I think my heart may have been too much
'cause lord knows we're not getting anywhere
seems we're always blowing
whatever we've got going
and it seems at times with all we've got
we haven't got a prayer....

Just once
can't we figure out what we keep doing wrong
why the good times never last for long,
where are we going wrong
just once...
can't we find a way to finally make it right
to make the magic last for more than just one night
i know we could break through it
if we could just get to it

Just once, I want to understand.....
why it always comes back to goodbye;
why can't we get ourselves in hand
and admit to one another
we're no good without each other
take the best and make it better
find a way to stay together

Just once.....
can't we find a way to finally make it right...Ohhhh
to make the magic last for more than just one night
i know we could break through it
if we could just get to it

Just Once.....
Ohhhh, we can get to it
Just Once.....

i will always perish our moment together.
take care....

kerana vios

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tadi aku keluar ngan member aku yng dah bekerja.arif mustapa.aku panggil arip pa.masih single.kalo nak search fb die tulis arip mustapa.arip pa..haha..aku promote hang ni arip..lepaih ni blanja aku okeh.

                tpi main point kenapa aku tulis blog ni sebab tiba2 aku tepikir smtink.umoq aku lani dah 22 tahun.tpi...dlm umoq 22 taun ni apa yng aku ada.bila pikir blik...aku ada NOTHING.maksud aku ketika usia 22 taun ni apa kelebihan yang aku ada untuk masa depan aku..harta.satu pun aku xdak.memang keluarga aku ada.tapi tu family aku punya.sampai bila aku nak bergantung kat family aku?life ahead us are full of surprised.huhu..aku jadi takut.bedebaq...bayangkan nnti lepas aku grad.ada ka kerja untuk aku?dengan zaman sekarang ni yang semua orang berlumba2.company akan ambil d best.and im i d best?adakah aku mampu untuk survive masa hadapan dengan keadaan aku sekarang ni.huhu...im i READY for this?d answer is NO!!tpi walau macam mana pun..aku terpaksa hadapi segala kemungkinan yang akan terjadi.jadi...aku dah berazam untuk belajaq berdikari,berdiri tanpa perlu mengharapkan bantuan orang laen.belajar medekatkan diri dengan tuhan sebab mak aku sentiasa pesan.jngn lupa kepada tuhan yang banyak memberi kita rezeki nih.jngn lupa melakukan kewajipan seharian kita yang paling penting iaitu sembahyang.kalau kita berbuat baik dengan Pencipta nescaya Allah xkan lupa kepada hambanya.aku tau aku dah lari dari haluan yng betul jadi aku harap Allah dapat tolong aku memberikan aku jalan yang mudah untuk hadapi segala cabaran yang mendatang.Insyaallah.

              tapi jangan lupa.untuk mendapat kejayaan yang diingini tu bukan senang.nak makan pun kita kena berusaha tambah lagi untuk benda laen.Aku teringt sorang lecture aku yang aku minat gila.kelas dia aku xpenah ponteng kot dan segala nasihat dia aku tulis dalam nota aku.dia cakap manusia ni yang menentukan hala tuju dia.kalo dia nak kaya dia kena berusaha.bukan duduk saja segala benda nak jatuh ke riba..huhuhu.memang nasihat yang sangt berguna kot.bagi aku.tpi memang semua orang tau.tpi buat xtau kan?manusia kebanyakannya macam paku dan pahat.dan aku ni salah sorang dari paku ni lah.ketuk skali baru nak bejalan.kalo xdak orng pahat memang xtesumbat la aku.so insyaalah.lepas ni..aku akan sentiasa memperingtkan diri aku pasai kehidupan akan datang.dan xlupa juga kehidpuan akhirat yang kekal selamanya.amin.

 p/s:memang syiok tadi merasa naek kereta ang arip oi..lepaih ni kalo keluaq ja naek gheta hang ja la noh..haha.


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one of my friend told me that my blog sangt bosan.yeah.so im updating it.one of my friend ckp blog is like ur diary so anything u can put into it.so i was thinking to update it la.i know my blog nih dilahirkan pada 3 tahun lepas and d post only 4!!waatefuk.so still dlam fasa belajaq buat blog la kan.haha.biarlah.at least i try kan.
nak story ape pun xtau kan.ok lah.so kite sembang camne saya menghabiskan vaucer satu malaysia.hahaha.ape kejadahnyew dengan topik ni la kan.

there are 3 books that i bought using this voucher.there are(ayat skema):

1.how to make anyone fall in love with you
kenape aku beli buku ni kan.ntah la.mybe sebab aku ni loser kot dlm bercinta.tpi mmg pun.but act buku ni also motivate me not only in love but also in life.kire lebih kurang how to make anyone to be happy with you gak la..nmpak mcm jiwang.tpi act buku ni bgus.lgipun this is how i menghabiskan voucher.hahaha.

2.100 ways to motivate yourself
and reason apsal aku beli buku ni sebab die ade diskaun 20 percent.haha.beli je la.and mcm best jek.(tpi still xbaca buku nih.haha)

3.letter for sam
okeh.buku ni memang best.and xmenyesal gile baba beli buku nih.ive read it for 2 times and it really inspired me to go on in my life.its repeatedly written that life is short.explore everything before it too late.citer ni psal tok wan die nih sakit,ade anak perempuan yng juga sakit.anak die ni kawin and later dpat anak yng sakit.mcm mane keluarga diorang suffer sakit tu dengan kepayahan yng xde duit..its a real story kot act.nak tau ngan lebih lanjut.baca la sendiri.xmenyesal.and harga dia rm30(kot)haha..

ni review yng aku dpt dari dari blog dia.

Dear readers and listeners,

Since my appearances on fresh air and CNN, and since people have been attending my readings and buying the book, I have received over 300 e-mails! Many of my friends (psychologists, of course) ask me how I feel about everything that is happening. I have yet to find a word that begins to come close. Surreal, overwhelming, gratifying, over stimulating, joyous, and exhausting all come close, but don't quite get it. And then I had lunch today with a dear friend who taught me meditation (Michael Baim, who I referred to in my acknowledgments). The restaurant was nearly empty and I had time to rest and reflect. The words I used with him were humble, grateful, deeply spiritual, and most of all -- I feel awe.

The word journey is used way too much in pop psychology and pop spirituality, but it does feel that the journey of my life has brought me to this point. Where to from here? Stay tuned!

I will look forward to hearing from you and you will certainly hear from me also.

With deep gratitude

p/s:5 attempt.haha...better kan?setngah jam kot nak buat menantang ni..and thnks for reading!
*nak kemas bilik!!!

a new post and a new life for me

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this post has been delete

infamous bathroom picx!!!

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…You know what I’m talking about! Sooo, raise your hand if you ever had a photo session in your bathroom? **Raises hand** I admit it and I have NO shame in doing so! Hmmph! Hahah.
Don’t be embarrassed because everyone who is anyone has done it – from the stars in Hollywood to the girls next door and the boys across the street. Bathroom pixs are a pretty much a necessity in your profile; it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find at least 1 shot. AT LEAST 1! It’s like a rite of passage into the social networking world.
The greatest thing about taking bathroom pixs is that it doesn’t even matter where the bathroom is OR who it belongs to! I’ve seen it happen before my very eyes. Hrmmm…drunken people at the club, out-of-towners at a restaurant, fans at a sporting event, girlies getting dolled up in a hotel, etc. The list can go on for days and that’s totally fine. The bathroom is just an attractive place to take pixs because it’s convenient. I mean the mirror is just right there…Regardless of the reason, I encourage it!
So, after numerous hours of research (not really) I was able to compile a list of quick tips to achieve the perfect bathroom pix.
IF your pictures are anything like the examples below, please keep reading…HAHAHAH!
You want to keep these factors in mind:
Clean your bathroom. You’ll look like a slob with your makeup, clothes and hair supplies on the sink, shelves and floor.
Wipe down your mirror. A blurred picture may mean you’re trying to hide your mug? Or that you’re uberly lazy?
Keep the makeup at a minimal. This applies to both sexes:
Guys, the guyliner thing is a big NO NO. This sends a message to us – are we gonna end up sharing makeup?
Ladies, NO clown makeup. Keep it simple and cute. You don’t want guys to think you’re high maintenance…yet.
Lighting Keep in mind how bright/dark the bathroom AND phone lighting is. Why you may ask? The lighting could unpleasantly modify your picture to make you look horribly pale and ghostly or orange-y like an umpa lumpa. Hahah!YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!
Have (some) self respect. NO NUDITY. Not even a little. This means no crotch shots with clearly visible private parts. Yuck! Have some clothes on, please. It doesn’t have to be your Sunday’s best but certainly not underwear or skimpy lingerie. This will leave absolutely nadaaa to the imagination so keep those X-rated images for when you actually start chatting with someone you like. Deal?
TMI & Stuff. Absolutely NO on-the-toilet seat pixs. Gagggg. Do we really wanna see how you look when you’re using the toilet? It’s gross, useless and quite unattractive!
Show your face. Doesn’t this sound familiar? This lets us know that it’s actually YOU! There are way too many Body shots & faceless pictures out there, how can we not assume it’s NOT a fake? Proclaim that supernatural body (arms, abs, legs, hips, butt & so on) of yours by including that head of yours.
Ohhh yeahhh. Actually LOOK INTO THE MIRROR & NOT INTO YOUR PHONE.Youuuu-whoo! Your phone is obstructing our view of your gracious face. Also, remember to disconnect your phone from the charger before you take the picture – it’s distracting and unsafe? Hah.
Note: Before you post your picture for the world to see, ask yourself: How will the pix portray me? Would momma approve of this shot? Will I be embarrassed if this gets plastered all over the web?

that all from me..enjoy!!
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ps:cilop orng punye untuk menghidopkan suasana...

Aku baru berkahwin setahun yang lepas dan duduk dengan isteri aku. Kami duduk berdua sahaja sebab belum dikurniakan anak. Aku ni ada satu kegemaran -iaitu makan telur rebus. Aku pun taktahu kenapa aku suka makan telur rebus, sedap agaknya. Sebelum aku kahwin, aku memang gila telur rebus. Pagi petang siang malam makan telur rebus. Tapi semenjak aku kahwin ni aku terpaksa berkorbanlah, iaitu dengan meninggalkan tabiat aku ini. Lama juga aku dah tak pekena telur rebus ni.. sebab orang rumah aku masak sedap-sedap. . so aku dah tak kisah lagilah..

Ceritanya begini, bulan lepas masa aku balik kerja, tiba-tiba kereta aku rosak.. akupun telefon bini aku katakan aku balik lambat sebab kena menapak. Sebab lapar akupun singgah satu kedai makan tu... ada telur rebus lah.. akupun makan nasi dengan telur rebus.. lepastu aku order telur rebus lebih lagi untuk diratah. Sebelum balik aku bungkus lagi 10 biji telur rebus untuk makan sambil berjalan balik nanti. Tiba jekat rumah aku rasa amatlah kenyang.. maklumlah balas dendam sebab lama tak pekena telur rebus. Sebelum aku masuk kerumah,i steri aku tiba-tiba cakap dia ada 'surprise' untuk aku malam ni. Dia suruh aku tutup mata dengan kain hitam yang diikat kemas dibelakang kepalaku. Dan dipimpinnya aku sampai ke meja makan Aku duduk dikerusi dan isteriku pesan jangan cuba buka ikatan yang menutup mataku.

Aku nak pergi toilet sebab perutku mula buat hal, tapi malaslah nak spoilkan 'surprise' isteriku ini. Aku pun tahan ler... Tetiba telefon berbunyi, isteriku pergimengangkatnya. Apa lagi ada chance aku pun melepaskan kentut yang ditahan sekian lama.. Fuuuuhhh lega rasanya.... bau boleh tahan... maklumler berapa biji telur tah aku bedal tadi... Alamak.. ada lagi satu la.. aku pun angkat sebelah punggung dan lepaskan satu das lagi.. bunyinya PROOOTTT!! ... fuh bau jangan cakap beb.. aku pun tak tahan bau dia... aku kipas pakai tangan angin dia kasi kurang sikit bau dia... adalah macam bau telur tembelang sikit.. Tetiba aku dengar bunyi telefon berdering lagi... hai lamanya tunggu isteri aku ni, aku tak sabar lagi ni nak tahu surprisedia ni. Aku terasa ada lagilah, kali ni memang aku rasa power punyalah.. aku kumpul dulu kasi padu.. lepastu aku bangun, tonggeng sikit dan lepaskan angin taufan tu... PRRROOOOOTTT! !!!... fuhh lega... bergegar sikit meja makan dibuatnya... peh tak tahan aku bau dia power gila.. aku tutup hidung aku.. aku rasa bau dia ada sikit-sikit macam bangkai la.. mau mati bunga atas meja makan aku ni.. sambil tu aku sebut 'ahhhh.... lega...'.

Adalah dekat 5 minit baru bau bangkai tu hilang.. Lepas tu isteri aku kembali dan minta maaf sebab lambat.. lalu dia kata 'SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!' dan suruh aku buka kain penutup mata aku.. laaa birthday aku hari ni le... camne boleh lupa ni.. Aku buka le kain penutup mata aku.. mulutku terus melopong... ALAMAK!!! Benda pertama aku lihat.. muka merah padam pak mertua aku, mak mertua aku, adik ipar aku dua orang, duduk keliling meja makan. Bos aku dengan jiran sebelah rumah rumah aku pun ada!!. ? jadi aku pun nak kaber malu, aku tanya la kat pak mertua aku.. 'dah lama ke pak sampai?'.

Dan pak mertua aku pun jawab.'Dah lama. Sebelum kentut pertama lagi!!!

ish x sopannya...nasib baik bapak mertua sporting...hahahahaha